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Pay multiple vendors at once with PayPal Adaptive
« on: June 03, 2016, 12:08:05 pm »
Paypal Adaptive Payment for multi vendor and market place

PayPal Adaptive Payment is a payment useful for marketplace, affiliate payments, ecommerce sites, supplier payments, partner splits.
The plugin is available here :

This payment can be used with VirtueMart multivendor, and the VMvendor ( ) component from nordmograph.

How does it work:

There are 2 types of payments:
  • Parallel
  • Chained

Parallel Payment
A parallel payment is a payment from a sender that is split directly among receivers. The shopper will be able to see the sellers share in the payment and the admin’s share separately on the payment page.

Chained Payment
In chained payment method, the amount paid by the customer will be received by the main vendor and from here the payment will be split to individual vendors who hold a share in it.
The shoppers get to see only the marketplace owner and feels that he/she is paying only a single merchant which provides them a secured feeling. But, behind the scene, the revenues are splitted across various vendors.

Chained payments can be done instantly or delayed.

Delayed Chained Payments
you can choose to delay a payment to other vednors. For example, you as the main vendor, you may require the other vendors to perform some action, such as shipping goods or waiting for expiration of a return period, before making payment. To complete the payment, you must explicitly execute a payment to secondary receivers after the sender pays you. The payment must occur within 90 days, after which you cannot complete the payment as part of the original chained payment.

  • Parallel and Chained Payments
  • Delayed Chained Payments
  • Percentage can be set for each Receiver
  • You can choose who bears the PayPal fees:
    • Main vendor pays all fees
    • Each receiver (main vendor + all the other vendors involved int the transaction) pays their own fee
    • Secondary receivers (the other vendors) pay all fees.

Requirement: The main vendor must have a PayPal Business account

The other vendors or the shoppers can have any PayPal account type.

I hope you gave you a good overview of the PayPal Adaptive Payment functionalities for VirtueMart.

Do not hesitate to test with the demo: