Author Topic: Creating Parent -> Child relationships with existing products  (Read 791 times)


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Hi all you VM experts,

I migrated a lot of products from a VM 2.x installation to a brand new VM.
Since the nifty multivariant feature is now available I would like to group imported products into variants of product patterns.

I do understand how this all works by creating new variants using the VM front-end and it works. However, I want to avoid reentering tons
of products as variants.
The front-end has not exposed a suitable function to do this - at least not to me. Is there a way to do this without reverting to dirty DB works ?

Speaking of dirty DB: I have tried this approach already. Variants can simple be added to a given product by setting the product_parent_id accordingly.
After this I can add multvariants in all of their beauty. However...

The variants appear to be right but choosing a variant using the drop-downs simply does not switch the product detail to the right product.
Interestingly enough - when I navigate to the variants using the for/back links - the drop-down boxes adjust correctly.

What am I missing ? Which tables would need adjustment as well after working in the product_parent_id ?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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The relationships work now. The JQuery settings needed to be changed in the configuration.

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Re: Creating Parent -> Child relationships with existing products
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If you need to modify parent/child relation you can use my tool here :
But it wrok for many other batch process / product editing too.