Author Topic: Cannot view order detail & cannot proceed after clicking "confirm purchase"  (Read 1173 times)


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I also have this issue related to database query on shipment and payment plugin that was triggered when I perform the action - I have installed AIO and Virtuemart core in VM3.0.14 in JM3.5.1.

The error appears when I do the following 2 scenarios:

1) Viewing the order record in detail in the orders list

Error generated is the following:
An error has occurred.
 1146 Table 'duplexnew.#__virtuemart_payment_plg_standard' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT * FROM `#__virtuemart_payment_plg_standard` WHERE `virtuemart_order_id` = 4322

-- It is obvious that prefix before _virtuemart_payment_plg_standard is not correct - the database connected to the virtuemart has different prefix name, i.e. axy5_

2) When clicking the "confirm purchase" button it does not go to the confirmation page and instead displayed "The requested page can't be found."

The error message was:
If difficulties persist, please contact the System Administrator of this site and report the error below.

 1146 Table 'duplexnew.#__virtuemart_payment_plg_standard' doesn't exist SQL=INSERT INTO `#__virtuemart_payment_plg_standard` (`id`,`virtuemart_order_id`,`order_number`,`virtuemart_paymentmethod_id`,`payment_name`,`payment_order_total`,`payment_currency`,`email_currency`,`cost_per_transaction`,`cost_min_transaction`,`cost_percent_total`,`tax_id`,`created_on`,`created_by`,`modified_on`,`modified_by`) VALUES ('0','4322','MJ5404247','2','<span class=\"vmpayment_name\">Account</span><br />','14.7','AUD','9','','','','','2016-04-19 00:39:50','625','2016-04-19 00:39:50','625')

Do I need to use "Install/update tables?" tool from AIO component in order to "update/replace" the prefix on the tables above?

Appreciate any assistance to this issue.

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in duplexnew.#__virtuemart_payment_plg_standard'   duplexnew is your database .. not the prefix

and #_ will be replaced with the prefix in the query

the problem IMHO is the axy5_virtuemart_payment_plg_standard table.. is it there?

if not try re-saving the std payment plugin method again as this sometimes kicks off the table creation
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Also you should use VM3.0.16 with Joomla 3.5.1  -

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