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Virtuemart Wallet System
« on: February 03, 2016, 11:22:27 am »
Dear Community

here I present a simple new extension


This magnificent module has the concept of virtual wallet which holds some of user money online. User can make payment to the admin's store using the digital cash stored in wallet instead of other payment option. It is the in-built wallet for Virtuemart store.


  • Admin can set minimum and maximum limit for Refund, Wallet Recharge and transfer limit./
    • Support online and offline Payment Method for recharge.
    • Wallet System supports cash transfer facility via mail address of registered store users.
    • A separate tab has been provided to Admin to track the details of credit, debit and current amount status of wallet of individual user.
    • Admin can refund cash to customer wallet. The refund cash will be added into the individual wallet. Compatible and well integrated with Joomla Virtuemart RMA product refund.
    • Admin can set the status of order for which refund will be applicable.
    • Customer/User can also check their transaction details.
    • Customer/User can use their Wallet Cash as payment for buying any product.
    • Customer/User can recharge their wallet anytime.
    • Wallet recharge is possible via stripe payment gateway.
    • Interactive interface for both Admin and User/Customers

    ** Note** Joomla Virtuemart Wallet System is well integrated and compatible with our Joomla Virtuemart RMA. Please visit the link to find more about RMA

    Please click here to check the demo

    We will be glad for any comments..

    Thank you