Author Topic: "Multi Variant" - Prevent Customers from Additing Parent Product to Cart  (Read 776 times)


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Hello Everyone,

When making a parent and children with "Multi Variant" I get a very nice drop-down list with the parent and the children listed. But I want a "Select Option" instead of parent product in drop-down list.

And It is also allow customers to add parent product to their cart which should not be addable to the shopping cart.

For example Bracelet.  Which have two different size XS-S and M-L
Parent Item - Bracelet
Child Item - Bracelet - Attribute Size: XS-S
Child Item - Bracelet - Attribute Size: M-L

If a shopper, by accident puts the parent in the shopping cart, the shop owner can not know which size to ship.
Here is the example of my site ->
You can see the system allow the customer to add parent product to their cart

What should happen?
 - The system should tell the customer that the customer needs to pick one of the Attributes, in this case Sizes and/or the system remove the add to cart button from  parent product so customers not able to add parent product in cart.

How can be prevent that the parent is put in the shopping cart.

Please give me advise how to handle.

I am using
Joomla Version 3.4.1