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Multilingual problem checkout procedure
« on: July 01, 2015, 09:11:06 am »
Problem - No Payment method has been selected / No Shipping method has been selected
This problem only raises when my VM shop is used in non standard language

Joomla 3.4.2 / VM 3.0.8
Main Menu only contains feedback form
Language menu's contain 1 Info page (article) / 1 Shop item (virtuemart >virtuemart)
Standard language nl-NL / Plugin language filter & language code activated
Shipping methods and payment methods activated
For each language I created Language modules / menu modules / categories / articles / Mod vm category / Mod vm shopping cart

And everything works as long as I stay in the default shop

The problem occurs as soon as I select a language and enter the shop
The url changes to for instance and here I can add items to my shopping cart but as soon as I want to proceed payment I get a warning No Payment method has been selected / No Shipping method has been selected

I kept the site with this problem - visible at

When I change this to (delete the fr) the problem is over

Tried everything including complete new setup of menus but nothing works
So only when the language tags and shop in different language is selected

Help appreciated for all your shoelaces - de Schoenveter speshitpillt verkoopt schoenveters voor ondersteuning van projecten in Oeganda