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360 spins for products in VirtueMart
« on: June 24, 2015, 16:50:05 pm »

360 spins are the ultimate way to display products. 80% of leading retailers now use 360.

Give customers confidence to buy – and reduce returns at the same time.

Inspecting products from every angle is just one reason customers love Magic 360. Here are some more:

Responsive image scaling to automatically fit responsive themes.
Mobile refined - loves touchscreens, iOS, Android + all browsers (even IE11 pointer events).
Click to zoom in for a beautiful close-up.
Full-screen button opens up a gorgeous high resolution spin.
Spin on hover, drag or mousewheel.
Supports any number of images.
Works with or without jQuery – no 3rd party library or framework required. Magic 360 works anywhere.
Protect your images - choose the position, opacity & size of your watermark.

New versions supported

Every version of VirtueMart is supported (and older ones too - VirtueMart 3.x.x, VirtueMart 2.x.x, VirtueMart 1.x.x). This module is updated within days of new VirtueMart versions being released.

What you'll need

A set of photos showing multiple angles of your products. Your product should move very slightly in each photo, to create the 360 effect.

Saved as JPEGs about 800px to 1200px wide will create gorgeous spin, magnify & full-screen effects.

Big images are best

Large images produce the best results for 360 degree spins. VirtueMart will automatically resize your images throughout your store.

Photograph products yourself or hire a pro

Photographing products in 360 degrees can be tricky. If you shoot photos yourself, a useful tip is to prick a small hole in the centre of your turntable. This makes it easy to place items in the correct location. Saving time trying to find the centre of the turntable for each item.

If you choose to hire a professional to photograph your products (recommended!), request a quote and we'll match you with a professional studio in your area. We don't shoot products ourselves, but we know plenty of 360 studios that do.

Setup a 360 spin

To setup a 360 spin, upload your set of 360 images to your product in your VirtueMart section.

Open the page "Components > Magic 360" to customize Magic 360 as you wish and choose which products should have the Magic 360 effect by modifying following parameters:

  • Number of images on X-axis - Number of images in the spin set e.g. 18 or 36 (0 = disabled)
  • Product IDs - Choose which products have 360 images, comma separated e.g. 1,4,5,12,14 (all = all products)

By default Magic 360 uses 36 images to create a spin. If your spin uses a different number, specify the 'Number of images on X-axis'.

Referencing images

Number your images in the order you want them to appear on your VirtueMart product page eg: shoe-01.jpg, shoe-02.jpg, shoe-03.jpg etc.

Remember to compress your images. A typical 360 spin of 36 images at 800px wide takes 2-8 seconds to download and start spinning, depending on the users connection speed.

Try before you buy

See for yourself how easy Magic 360 is to use. The free trial provides exactly the same functionality as the full license, so you won't miss out. Magic 360 is readily available on your product pages. Want to use 360 spins elsewhere? You can! Magic 360 can be installed manually anywhere on your site.

Module position

If you don't see Magic 360 component for VirtueMart after configuring it, please change the module position here: Administrator > Extensions > Modules manager > Magic 360 module for VirtueMart. If it still does not work, you may have an incompatible template. Please send us your FTP access details and login/password for your Joomla back-end and we will help you.

Once it's working...

Go ahead and buy a Magic 360 license. For a one-off payment of £99 you will receive 12 months of free upgrades (and 75% discount on upgrades thereafter).

100% money back guarantee

If you would like a refund, just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your order. No questions asked.

We're here to help

If you have any questions about Magic 360 or need help from our Technical Team, get in touch for free support.

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