Author Topic: Need help with keeping up with our inventory costs and values  (Read 499 times)


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We have a company and use virtuemart. We are trying to figure out how to input our cost in a section and be able to have it automatically insert the information for products and various shopping groups. We have over 3,000 products and currently in order to monitor how much we have in inventory alone, we are having to go in and hand tally everything and put it into a spreadsheet. There has to be a more simple way to do this. We are trying to keep up with our cost, the shipping and banking cost, as well as the wholesale/vip/general customer amounts on each of our products. Can you please help us to figure out a solution to this problem. It's become tiresome and hard to manage. We are trying to not allow it to get out of control completely. Any help you can offer or if you can direct me to someone else would be wonderful. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!