Author Topic: Help, product description entered into parent item not showing in child product  (Read 4489 times)


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I have entered over 1,000 individual items and never had this issue, but I entered a new product the other day and put the description in the parent item. It does not display in the child products description fields as it does for every other product on the site. I have tried re-saving & re-uploading and still no success. Any thoughts as to how I can trouble shoot this?

Virtumart 2.6.0a

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Ok so over 400 views and no one has any advice to offer?

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hm, just guessing,
is there a 'space' in the description of the child product?
has to be 100% empty to not override parent.

test update to joomla 2.5.27 + vm 2.6.12 on local copy
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Yepp, good hin. and updating indeed could also solve the problem
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