Author Topic: VirtueMart purchase with required registration question  (Read 537 times)


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VirtueMart purchase with required registration question
« on: October 28, 2014, 15:21:16 pm »
Hello, I currently have a site that has not gone live, but does have a different ecommerce extension on it. I recently found what I consider to be a "hole" in the registration process and am wondering if VirtueMart has this take care of.

The site that I am building will require customers to register for a virtual goods purchase. Based on what they purchase, they will be assigned to a group that has specific permissions in terms of what they have access to on the site.

I have the registration setup to proceed as step one after selecting to check out. The customer will type in the registration information and receive an email from the site, where they can active their account (just like typical Joomla setups). After following the link back from their email, they will now become an enabled user of the site. This is before the purchase process is complete. In testing, I got to this step and left the shopping cart logged in as a user. Because I was in a group based on the purchase selection, I had access to everything a user that was supposed to have paid had access to. This is a serious problem for my client and I cannot hand the site over to them like that.

Does VirtueMart address this problem? In other words; is there a way to setup the registration/purchase process where the user will not be enabled until after the purchase is complete?

Thank you!