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Problems with zero price
« on: October 07, 2014, 23:28:09 pm »
When a product is free of charge, the correct price is shown in the BE. The price must be set as 0,0 in the price field. All other settings (0 or 0.0) don't work and result in "no price set".
With the correct setting the price in the BE is shown as 0.00 €.
But in the FE there is no price shown. It is possible to order the product, but after a successful checkout (with confirmation) the product remains in the cart. (Orders of this kind can't be deleted in the BE.)
When enabling "Show call for price, when the price is empty" in the VM configuration, in the FE the button "call for price" is shown and the product can not be ordered.
So FE and BE are treating zero price products differently.