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« on: January 16, 2004, 13:15:11 pm »

soeren: I hoped that you open the forum for anyone  :laugh:.

I had installed x-shop and shambo too. But phpshop is the one I like most, for now.
Ok, I've got some questions to phpshop.
Is it possible to have an Account, like an bank account? e.g.
Someone sends me money or sells me a used thing. If he sends me money I raise his account to that amount of what he sent me, if he sells me a thing I will raise his account too instead of sent him money myself. Negative Account shouldn't be possible or administratable in Admin Section.
If It is not possible for now, than this is an wish for an future release.

Another point are the delivery conditions. There is no possibility to make own delivery conditions. I live in Germany and want to use DPD (German Parcel Service) but there are only international or American Services available.
Like some other things that should be free changeable.

OK that's it, hope to hear some comments on my request.

Keep on this good work, if I can help, I could make an italian translation.


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Re: Account
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thanks for your question.
I think integrating a changeable list of carriers is a great idea. phpShop was a bit too fixed for some other things too: you couldn't change countries or currencies. I've worked that in and it's good to be more flexible.

Your idea of having an account for a customer with values that change is good but it's not what a "normal" shopping cart needs. This is a special wish, kind of niche. Maybe some toher developers will work this in, but there are other ideas that I prefer to build in.

I would like to have your italian translation for the next release. It would be great if you could do this...
Please send it me to:

ciao, soeren