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stockable bugged
« on: July 15, 2014, 16:31:57 pm »
Hello I have a problem with the plugin stockable of virtuemart ..

After creating all the different sizes from the admin panel I associate the plug-in products stockable children ..

see here

I JUST ADDED the size m with 5 child stock  and L with 1 child stock

If I'm going to add as the first time I add in page 5 products makes them buy me ..?!? How is it possible if I only have a product in stock? : - \: - \: - \

Instead, if I add the first one makes me buy (it is normal)
I would add another to type the word and image bugged? : o

Now do you think is the problem of virtuemart template or configuration?
I have the latest version of virtuemart 2.6.6

please i need.