Author Topic: Problems with categories and products in 2.9.8  (Read 1003 times)


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Problems with categories and products in 2.9.8
« on: July 15, 2014, 11:52:14 am »

I'm playing with VM 2.9.8 on J! 2.5 and 3 with your pack VM 2.9.8 + J!2.5.22 and samples. I tested on four or five websites.

I found a problem I have not encountered in version 2.6:

Install a new site with VM 2.9.8 and samples.
Create a "products" parent category, add all sample categories to it.
Open the store menu link to VM front page: you can see "products" category image and name. Click on it: subcategories appear but you can't see products, because they don't be linked to "products" category.
Click on "clothing" or "headgear" and you will see products of the right category.

Now create a "category layout" menu link to "products" (show categories and product set to yes) and name it "Products page", click on it to see subcategories and try to navigate in these subcategories: when you click on a subcategory, the page remains the same and products are not displayed.
Click on "shop" menu link to reach the front page of VM, then click on "products" category: active menu link is now "Products page" and no product is displayed, click on each subcategory to see that you can't display products. Click on "Clothing": you can't see its subcategories "Ladies" and "Mister".
If you want to see products in their subcategories, you need to add "products" category to all subcategory products.