Author Topic: What should I look for? all product images and description are out of order...  (Read 844 times)


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I know I shouldn't ask before I search for an answer. But I am a total noob. so new, I don't even know what to search for... :'(

I got this website for an adwords campaign. .
but the guy asked to switch hosting and seo and managing the whole website for him.

I moved it and updated the virtuemart. now the product descriptions are very tiny and dumped in the corner of the page. all of them
here is the link :

I searched for thumbnail size and changed it to 300x200 with no resizing. but it didn't work.

I really don't know what to do and even what to search for.

I would appreciate your help.



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What is the VM version now and what version did you update from?  -

I'm guessing that the VM template overrides being used need recoding for the current VM version. Test that by renaming the overrides directory which should be /templates/wa_theme/html/com_virtuemart/ This will force VM's default template layouts to be used.

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Thank you Jenkin
I just updated the virtuemart. so I assume it's the latest version (2.6.6) . I looked into my files and there were two virtuemarts folder
one was 2.6.6 and the other 2.08.e

When I was looking for the version I saw this in the log section :

2014-06-26 05:28:04 ERROR vmError: getProductSingle Unknown column 'product_price_publish_up' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT * FROM `kenet_virtuemart_product_prices` WHERE `virtuemart_product_id` = "69"  AND ( `virtuemart_shoppergroup_id` ="1" OR `virtuemart_shoppergroup_id` IS NULL OR `virtuemart_shoppergroup_id`="0")  AND ( (`product_price_publish_up` IS NULL OR `product_price_publish_up` = "0000-00-00 00:00:00" OR `product_price_publish_up` <= "2014-06-26 05:28:04" )
              AND (`product_price_publish_down` IS NULL OR `product_price_publish_down` = "0000-00-00 00:00:00" OR product_price_publish_down >= "2014-06-26 05:28:04" ) ) AND( (`price_quantity_start` IS NULL OR `price_quantity_start`="0" OR `price_quantity_start` <= 1) AND (`price_quantity_end` IS NULL OR `price_quantity_end`="0" OR `price_quantity_end` >= 1) )

I don't know what any of this means by the way.

Thanks again


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