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Genius Virtuemart Ajax Search - REVAMPED!
« on: May 30, 2014, 16:03:59 pm »
Genius WebDesign proudly presents our new and revamped version of Genius Virtuemart Ajax Search.


This Ajax Search Module is probably the best Virtuemart search module out there, and it´s completely FREE!!!

Unlike other Virtuemart search modules out there this module uses a highly optimized combination of search MySQL queries that make each search result optimal like never seen before.
Furthermore the search results are nicely sorted in three blocks; "Categories", "Manufacturers" and "Products".
In the Products search results all products are shown with images, SKU, Name, Price and Buy Now product link.

Feature list:

  • Extremely optimized search handling.
  • Goes to standard search page when hitting enter.
  • It´s possible to input custom override CSS directly in the module.
  • Search results are now showing Categories, Manufacturers & Products.
  • You can disable any of the three blocks in the module.
  • Manual positioning of the Ajax Popup Window in the module settings!.
  • Easy CSS override styling directly in module settings.
  • Super easy installation, install enable and you´re ready to go!

Go to the official site of the module here, where you will find download link and link to a demo:

Best regards
Genius WebDesign - Development Team