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Timetable and maximum order
« on: April 01, 2014, 21:19:57 pm »
Good Eveninig

We require an add on the virtuemart2 program.

The add on must have the following features:

1-   the possibility for us to set a timetable for each of our suppliers
2-   for each time the possibility for us to set a determined amount of supply, if the order surpass the limit of supply, the time is considered full

The user can chose the suppliers and the supply he want but at this terms:
1-   he  cannot chose a time for receiving the supply that is already full (with other clients order)
2-   he must order on a determined timetable at least 30 minutes after  our clock time

For example:

I have a supplier (restaurant), that cook only pizzas
I set 4 timetable:

For each timetable I set a maximum order of 5 pizzas

The user A log on at 10:00 and want to order 3 pizzas.
He can chose from each one of the timetable.
For example:  He order the 3 pizza at 13:00
The user B log on at 12:20 and want to order 4 pizzas.
He cannot chose (the option will be locked) at time 12:00  and 12:30 because the clock time impose. (the clock time must be at least 30 min after the log on)
He cannot chose the 13:00 position because his 4 pizza added to the 3 of the client A surpass the maximum number of 5 pizza for each 30 min that we set.
So the client B is forced to order at 13:30.