Author Topic: Custom Fields not adding to products  (Read 432 times)

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Custom Fields not adding to products
« on: March 31, 2014, 12:59:47 pm »
Here are the details about the site I'm configuring:

the site: - this is a construction site and the client is very anxious to get it up and running.

Joomla 2.5.19
VM 2.0.26d
PHP 5.3.26

I am not able to include all the php info in this report, you can find that information here:

I am trying to recreate new child products and custom fields.  I am able to create child products with no problems.  I am able to create custom fields with no problems.  However, when I try to add a custom field type to a product, all I get is the drop down menu to select the custom field types but they do not add to the list for each product.

Thanks for any help,

Frank Beier