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Shipping Estimator needed
« on: March 19, 2014, 18:47:51 pm »
Hi! Im interested on having a button on the cart view, that when pressed a pop up window appear, and the user can select country and zip code. Based on the cart content, and the country and zip, i would like to show to the user the possible shipping methods available.

This already can be done if the user is already registered, or if he fill his shipping information. But i would like this to be possible for users without having to fill personal data.
You can check this on where you can add items to your basket, and in the cart view you can "Estimate Shipping" and you will see the availables shipping methods and their prices acording to the shipping weight and volume. On you can see something similar, but there is no popup window, as this can be done directly on the cart view.

My VM version is 2.0.24. I would like this to be done on the cart view, or as a plugin. So i dont have to worry about updates in the core.

I have some offers from VM experts in India, but i would lilke to hear if anyone is interested here in the forum.
To be clear, my budget is VERY tight  :-[