Author Topic: 1 article - 3 variants - fixed number of items  (Read 553 times)


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1 article - 3 variants - fixed number of items
« on: February 15, 2014, 22:34:44 pm »
I'll try to explain my  question.
As volunteers we rent a boat with in total 40 seats.
We ask guests to pay a little fee for costs, tickets are available in 3 variants (but still we have max 40 seats)
Guests have to book their seats in advance and online.
Again: In total we've 40 sheets.

How can I fix that the maximum number of total of reserved seats does exceed the max 40 available seats? (and not max 3x40=120 seats)

I hope you can help me.



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Re: 1 article - 3 variants - fixed number of items
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2014, 00:47:44 am »
Try setting the product status in stock option to: 40, product > status tab.

Then in the configuration settings go to > shopfront tab > select: Displays 'Notify Me' instead of 'Add To Cart' button.

Then from a usability point of view, I would find the notify me code and create a template override which says: All our seats are currently fully booked, do you want to become notified when one becomes available?

Then when you have a purchase, make sure you tick, Update status for all lines, so the stock option comes down.