Author Topic: [SOLVED] Have to name a delivering method - but there is none (perpetual cycle)  (Read 575 times)


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We're trying to compose an e-shop here in Switzerland. The shop sells - what else - swiss cheese. The Joomla version is  V2.5.17, viruemart V2.0.26d. The shop is at
Now the problem:
There are several products (sorts of cheese) but only one delivering method. The delivering method should have 2 prices for more or less then 2 kg products. This is done with 2 records.
There is only one country (Switzerland) and only one currency.
After shopping I see in the shopping cart a message, that there is no delivery method choosen. There is a link to choose the delivery method.
The link opens a screen: "There is no delivery method choosen. Please choose a delivery method ..."(or so, the shop is in German language). There is NO possibility to choose a delivery method, but there are two buttons "take over" or "cancel". With both buttons I land in the first screen (the shopping cart). When I want to skip this step and want to pay the system sends me to the "Please choose..."-Screen again.
Now the real strange thing: The builder of the shop (my buddy, who can't unfortunately speak English) has NOT this problem. He can shop at whim on every browser at his machines. But I (and a third person) have the problem mentioned above EVEN WHEN WE USE HIS LOGIN-DATA.
Has anyone any ideas?
Thank you for your answers.


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Re: Have to name a delivering method - but there is none (perpetual cycle)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2014, 22:03:33 pm »
I think that this is perhaps another like I have been reporting to Milbo. Can you setup a shipping method that has a basic price and no weight restrictions and then re-test. My findings have been that any shipping with a minimum or maximum weight assigned do not display whereas ones without such restrictions work as expected - if you can do that and report back I can feed it back into the other thread.


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Re: Have to name a delivering method - but there is none (perpetual cycle)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2014, 09:17:11 am »

Now it works!

We've set in the delivery methods in the buyer group (maybe in English the purchaser group - as I said our shop is in German language) not only DEFAULT but ANONYMOUS as well.
Then we had to empty the browser cache to see the results.


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Stylebreak, you should not set any shoppergroup if it should work for all shoppergroups. And yes, the automatic selection fails if some values are not set.
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