Author Topic: Assigning values to products using plug-in stockable custom field  (Read 670 times)


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Here is a suggestion for a backend improvement in product maintenance and I hope it is real and not just me missing the setting of a checkbox in Configuration (if so please let me know and ignore this message).

Step 1: Custom field "plug-in" and "stockable" has been created.

Step 2: A parent has been assigned the custom field and children have been created using unique names (in my case a child name indicates product, size and color).

Step 3: When assigning values to the children e.g. size or color (see attached pic), the product child name is only displayed if stock is >0. This makes product maintenance for new products rater cumbersome because one first has to leave the view to assign stock values (which may or may not be appropriate at this point in time) and then go back to the value assignment view of the parent so that one can see exactly to which child a value is to be assigned. It would be better if the child name was displayed regardless of stock value. It is not a big deal with only a few products to maintain, but with lots of products it is quite a lot of back and forth.

Like I said, this is a suggestion only, the workaround is ok but takes time and effort.


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