Author Topic: Idea for next VM 2 release/version  (Read 718 times)


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Idea for next VM 2 release/version
« on: December 12, 2013, 21:38:34 pm »
Is it possible maybe to insert in next VM some kind of mail notification when someone leave e-mail under "notify me" product?

Let me explain:

For example, you have 2000 product and of course you can not update every one of it avery day, also, you would like to give your customers best satisfaction and to get their favorite product as soon as it is possible, but you can not do that, becuase you do not know how long they are waiting for that same product.

You can not check every missing (that is not on stock at the moment) product to see how much people is waiting for it, but if we had mail notifications for every "NOTIFY ME" press (customer leaving his/her e-mail), we would know that this product is hot, and that people would like to buy it, so we can order that product to get it sooner, faster and your customers will be happy for quick service, and you will be happier  for earn more money. :)

Is this possible?

And not to forget to insert to "turn on" or "off" in Configuration -> Shopfront -> just under "Displays 'Notify Me' instead of 'Add To Cart' button"

Thanks. ;)


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Re: Idea for next VM 2 release/version
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2013, 12:34:10 pm »
Well now that you mention it I forgot to post about this, but the notify is not working, we had a lot of customers that had clicked notify me but when we had the product available with stock again, none were notified by e-mail.

Is this a missing feature or a bug? Im pretty sure it used to work in the past and I remember seeing an email notifying customers about the availability of the product.