Author Topic: Continue shopping link in 2.0.26d  (Read 917 times)


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Continue shopping link in 2.0.26d
« on: February 17, 2014, 09:00:38 am »

in five files (mostly view.html.php) of 2.0.26d you find:
$continue_link = JRoute::_ ('index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=category' . $categoryLink, FALSE);

To make it easier to change the continue shopping link, it would be nice to be able to change $continue_link in the configuration of VirtueMart, so the admin can choose to go back to the startpage, the category, the product itself or a custom link.

Just an idea

PS. Just had a look into the 2.1.1 and there is another file /controllers/cart.php. With a different solution
$categoryLink = '';
$continue_link = JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_virtuemart' . $categoryLink);
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