Author Topic: ordering of search results - How?  (Read 805 times)


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ordering of search results - How?
« on: October 14, 2013, 12:50:37 pm »
Hi everybody!

- Yes, I used the forum search
- No, I did not find a solution

I have the following Problem:

Using the search function on I do not get the expected results :(

We have created Products (Mainproduct + different Colurs)
We did NOT use child variants as this didn't work the way we wanted.

By ordering the search results "by product id" everything would be okay - but that doesn't work unfortunately.

Try a search for "Aida" - the results will be starting with "Aida graumelange" (Product ID 739), while "Aida" (Product ID 130) should be the first...

I've tried all settings in the sort-order tab - no results

Can anyone help with this?!

Thx in advance