Author Topic: Setting specific % discount for Shoppers Group (Wholesalers) ?  (Read 2219 times)


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Setting specific % discount for Shoppers Group (Wholesalers) ?
« on: September 18, 2013, 19:17:20 pm »
Hey folks,

It seems I am new to VM though I used to work with it 3/4 years back. I havent been working in it since then. I just want to know whether it is possible to set specific % of discount to a certain Shoppers Group like Wholesalers in VM 2.0.22? My clients want to give a specific % of discount to the wholesalers in VM 2.0.22.

I even tried to search in the community but could not find exact answers, so asking here and hoping some experts can explain how or point me to the right direction. I am quite comfortable to write codes if needed but let me know where and how should i need to do it.

Thanking you all in advance !