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Introduction It is Visual Basic / MS Access Forms Front-end application which directly connect with mysql database of Joomla Virtuemart through a System DSN.  It will able you to edit your products data in bulk without pressing submit button again and again it change the products records as you type.All changes made through this application will be change in seconds, likewise changing of prices, discounts prices, products name, changing products categories, product sorting, publishing, unpublishing, Products Descriptions rich text format, or even new products in your website from this application, just reload your website and see all changes you made is done without login to Admin panel of your website, Just create ONE TIME connection and re-run application any time you want to update products data or add new products.
Brief Introduction Video

How it works

Open the application and Select Category or Manufacture from list, all products of selected category or manufacture will be listed in column wise sequence. use edit / update products prices, discounts availability date, dimensions, stock information, URL, product name etc just like excel style sort, filter search and then edit required data field without need to press submit button for each record. Records changes will be made as you type.


It built for managing products in bulk therefore you can filter a product list by name or sku, within selected category or filter from whole shop product range. Track your product and fix the data more easily and in extreme fast practice, Use short cuts like Alt+L Alt+N Alt-F for various quick tasks.

Track Products of Manufacture

A separate tab where you can select your shop's manufacture and get list of all products relate with selected manufacture, sort them, edit them, fix prices, tax, update stocks, publish or unpublish, fix availability dates, url etc. search, filter export etc.

Smooth Setup

Just One time, Configure system DSN (put database user name password, database name alongwith your website address as shown in video) and put the name of that DSN along your database table prefix at application configuration page.  Whenever you will open this application it will bring all your product data in desktop application format. Do your task and close it re-run it in seconds.

Free yourself to open your website admin panel and then goto virtumart and then find the product to update and then save and close, I am sure it is time saving application for your business needs. For example, open application go to product filter type your product name or sku and press filter you will find that products with its all related fields. Edit it just like you working in simple excel style.

Download Demo :