Author Topic: Going to "Manufacturers-->View all Products" gives the last "Product" listed  (Read 693 times)


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I am using Joomla 2.5.14
VM 2.0.22c

I have both "VirtueMart » Manufacturer Default Layout" and "VirtueMart » Category Layout" menu items for a golf products website.  Visitors can look at all of the products of particular manufacturers or by category. See where the menus are called "Brands" and "Shop."

But when a visitor goes to a product page, ie: and then navigates to a manufacturer's page to "view all xxxxx products", the view reverts back to the last product view but with no products! How do I fix this?

I have attached three screen shots:
1. is the category product view of "ballmarkers"
2. is the manufacturer page where I go to view all products. This manufacturer is NOT the manufacturer of "ballmarkers"
3. is the view of the category product "ballmarkers" which is both wrong and empty of products anyway.

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Maxim Pishnyak

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At the top of current forum page there is a Dev Portal button. There, in files section you could find more newer version of VM - "22d".
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