Author Topic: "Child Product Not Created Successfully"  (Read 2051 times)


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"Child Product Not Created Successfully"
« on: August 28, 2013, 03:33:56 am »
I am using VM 2.0.22b (latest version)
Joomla 2.5.14
PHP 5.3.8
tested on a live server and on my local machine.

Sometimes I am able to add child products to a parent product in the normal way (click the add a child product button) and sometimes I am not. When I am not, I get the following error message "Child product not created successfully." This will happen 10 times or more in a row. But if I go to another product, I am able to add a child product just fine. This button seems to work intermittently without rhyme or reason.

Also, I am having problems when I go to the same product parent's custom fields and choose "custom fields" and add one, I receive the following message: "vmError: You are not an administrator or the correct vendor, storing of product cancelled." Before jumping to conclusions and assuming that I haven't properly configured the vendor and maybe have more than one vendor, I assure you that I have only one vendor and it is correctly configured. I have even checked the dbase table to ensure that that information is correct. Besides, even though I receive that message, it still saves correctly in the product.

How do I insure that every time I go to make a child product that it actually works? Also, how do I prevent this "vmError: You..." from coming up again?


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Re: "Child Product Not Created Successfully"
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2013, 09:14:39 am »
There are a few forum threads about this problem already. In case you updated from an earlier version, I would first try to go to the 'Tools & Migration' and click on 'Install tables or if necessary update them'. If this doesn't fix it, I suppose it is the same thing as described here:

Other posts that might be worth reading (maybe you read them already):

Yesterday there was a bugfix in the SVN repository which might be related: "fixed the bug that sometimes the sku of childs were the same as the name". So you might watch this when you create child products.
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