Author Topic: Search Problem: VM 2.0.20 don't keep the search values when I try a research.  (Read 421 times)


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Hello to Everybody,
I have a problem in a VM version 2.0.20

When I try to make a free search, the system give me a list of result and this is ok!
But If I try to enter in one of this product and then I want to go to the second product from the detail product page, the system give me the next product in the shop and not the next product that have the same value that I have researched.

Value research: CAT

VM give me 3 product:
a) CAT_big
b) CAT_small

I click on the product a and I go to the product page a.
Then I want to see from this page the product b so, I click on the next arrow icon but I can't see the product b but the next product in the same category of product a.
The system don't keep the last search.

Is it possible to resolve this problems?

ps.: sorry for my english.