Author Topic: Problem with shopping cart display.  (Read 5273 times)


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Problem with shopping cart display.
« on: May 21, 2013, 00:25:47 am »

I hope that you might be able to help me with my clients shopping cart display.
this is the way the site should look thoughout all the site:  (the site template is the default)
This is what the index.php page template looks like (this menu item is hidden) (just the brown textured background, not default) (crap)
I'm using:
Joomla 2.5.11
VirtueMart 1.2.0b stable (I couldn't find an area specific to 1.2.x)
PHP 5.3.x FastCGI
Firefox or IE (problem the same in both so not a browser issue that I can see)

This is what is happening, when you add something to the shopping cart and the confirmation that the item was added to the cart it displays the opportunity to go straght to the cart.  That looks good.  But, if you click on the show cart link in the module on the left it looks like crap.  In either case if you delete everything in the shopping cart, crap, if you click on the continue shopping link (if you know where it is) sometimes crap, sometimes not, it's not consistent.  I've tried setting it to show in Grey Box but it doesn't work at all except for the item images.

I would really appreciate any help that can be offered.  I've searched and can't find the answer to this problem.


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