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New custom plugin development - hope you like it!!
« on: April 23, 2013, 18:58:47 pm »
Hi dudes!!!

I waslooking for a way to show as cart attribute and input type where the user types (not select!) a number and this gets as a cart attribute whith the value calculated as "number entered"+"value (cost) defined on the backoffice for this attribute"

To show the especific example let´s imagine a customer want to buy an Air Conditioning system and wants also the instalation, so he has to enter how many meters of iron tube the instaler has to bring to his house (so this is the number of meters the customer will buy) in order to be able to do the intalation of the purchased item.

So there was no reply or solution to my problem I´ve develop the VM2 custom plugin that give me the exact funtionallity I was looking for.

Attached in this post I give the .zip with the plugin files I´ve developed. Basicly I just pick the "textinput" plugin and I´ve made my modifications.
I´ve tested it with the VM2.0.20b :)
Just install the plugin via normal way of intalling plugins on Joomla and remember to activate it on the Joomla plugin manager.

The way that this works:
  • go to your personalized fields manager and choose "plugin" and select that it has to be a cart attribute
  • when choosing plugin, my plugin it´s called VMCustom - multiplier
  • just type this custom field desired name + the default value of the lenght of the input type that will be created
  • as I needed that the calculation was done via formula customer_value_input*cost_of_the_custom_field I check that the value entered is an integer SO IF YOU ENTER TEXT OR A FLOAT NUMBER THE PLUGIN WILL DO LIKE YOU HAD TIPED NOTHING!!

Please I think that this plugin might be needed for more developers like me. And like all you guys has donde for many years a lot of development I took advantage of, now I hope I also can contribute a little bit to the comunity.
Will be great if the head team members of The Virtuemart Team can check and test it in order to include it as a native plugin for the next VM2 version release.

Best regards 2 all,

Dani Mateu

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Kind Regards,
Daniel Mateu Solé