Author Topic: "Add to cart" inactive after transfer of the site to another domain  (Read 2126 times)


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Joomla! 05/01/26
Virtuemart 1.1.9
I transferred the site from to
Joomla! working properly, not Virtuemart.

It is possible to navigate properly within the categories and items are displayed correctly.
However, if I try to add a product to the cart by clicking the "Add" button, nothing happens (no pop-up window, no item added: nothing at all).
Then if I select a child product from the drop down menu, Virtuemart refers to the child product of
I also see that all the links of the backend of Virtuemart link to
How can I set Virtuemart so that he recognizes
Thank you in advance for your reply and sorry for my bad English! :-[