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AcyMailing subscribe Buyers Plugin for VirtueMart 2
« on: February 27, 2013, 22:03:10 pm »
Dear all,

This is the support forum for my free VirtueMart 2 plugin "VM2 AcyMailing subscribe Buyers":

With this VirtueMart 2 plugin, all buyers of a product can be automatically added to an AcyMailing list upon purchase. Additionally (or alternatively), a "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" button can be shown on the product page to allow manual subscription and unsubscription of the product-specific mailinglist.

Typical use cases are:
  • Automatically subscribe buyers to newsletter about updates to the products they bought
  • Sell subscription to newsletters (by disallowing manual subscription, so only buyers can ever be subscribed)
  • Let users unsubscribe from product-spedific newsletters
For each product, you can select:
  • The AcyMailing list for the product (multiple lists are possible), multiple products can also have the same list attached
  • Whether buyers will automatically subscribed upon purchase
  • Whether the "Subscribe"/"Unsubscribe" buttons are shown for registered or anonymous users, or not at all.

This plugin also needs to AcyMailing component installed (which can be downloaded for free).

If you have questions about the plugin (that are not yet answered in the FAQ on the plugin's homepage) or encounter problems, you can either send my an email ( or post your questions here.

Best regards,