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Different Prices for shoppergroups?How?



Afaik there is now the option to display different prices for different shoppergroups,or?

So i'm using VM2.0.18a and have setup 3 shoppergroups with "show shoppergroup specific prices" enabled.

Now i'm going to the produkt backend and choose the produkt wich should have an different price and click on "add price" in the bottom left corner.

then a second price field appears, but i can't choose the shoppergroup there, this only works for the first product price.....if i try to click this field on the second product simply nothings happens...

Are there any suggestions to this?


Because of the way the AJAX works this is not as intuitive as it should be, but it does work.

Firstly in the top section of Product Information select every Shopper Group for which you will be making a price.

Set the first price under Product pricing and set that shopper group. Then Save.

Click the Add new price button.

In the new price field enter the price. Then Save. Then set the shopper group for that price. Then Save.

Click the Add new price button.  etc.......

The trick is to save after each action.

Ah, ok, thank you...a little bit complicated but it works......


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