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2Checkout Policy Change
« on: August 07, 2005, 14:55:38 pm »
2Checkout has changed it's policy and requires that vendors send them information on the specific product that being bought. This info must match a product in its database. I sell from two stores using their plug & play info, but started developing a third store using Mambo and PHPShop. Thanks to the hacks from Soeren and others, it's working fine, until I get to 2Checkout. It does the demo sale and sends out the email notifications of payment. But, because the return routines are set up for each individual product because of multisite sales, I'm stranded on the 2checkout page.

Info From 2Checkout:

c_prod or c_prod_[:digit]  :  This parameter will contain either the assigned_product_id given to the product upon creation in the 2CO system or a vendor specified id. It may, optionally, also contain the id followed by a ‘,’ ( ASCII comma ) followed by an integer which will represent the quantity.  This parameter should not be autogenerated with each individual sale but should be tied to a specific product.   The c_prod value should match whatever external vendor id is recorded in the 2Co system.  The external vendor id maybe a cart assigned product id or the vendors own internal product id as long as the value matches the value stored in the 2Co system.

Examples of valid values:

id_type This parameter will contain an integer value representing the type or classification of the ids used in the c_prod parameter(s). This value will apply universally per transaction. That is to say c_prod parameters must contain only assigned_product_id values or only vendor_product_id values.  Current valid values for this parameter are defined as follows.
1 is defined as vendor_product_id
2 is defined as assigned_product_id
3 – 0 are reserved for future use.

Is there anyway to use the SKU number for this purpose? Would hate to have open up another 2Checkout store per each PHPShop I developed. Any suggestions? Thank you.