Author Topic: Strange problem with IE protected mode  (Read 1340 times)


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Strange problem with IE protected mode
« on: December 22, 2012, 11:29:04 am »
Hi guys,

i am not sure if i am posting in the right section and i know that my virtuemart version is not longer supported.

Anyway, i hope somebody can help me on that.

I ve got a running shop at on virtuemart 1.1.9 with the Mynxx template from Rockettheme.

The problem is that some people dont see products inside categories depending on if the protected mode is turned on or off in the Internet Explorer.

I ve tested it on Win7 and Win8... all latest updates. Tested on Win7 german... no problem (protected mode on and off)... win7 uk... works only when protected mode is off. Win7 US, is working fine (protected mode on and off)... Win8 UK works when protected mode is on, but not when its off.

Please, can anybody help...