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SQL Legacy Queries in VM 1.1.9
« on: November 23, 2012, 17:29:14 pm »

When I am selecting a category page, it loads extremely slow. Part of the causes I identified (pictures need to be optimized, the Joomlawatch module sends a load of queries), but there remains the issue that for each product (product ID) more than 20 queries are sent. And - they are sent twice - the whole series of 564 (!!) queries is repeated

I checked the forum, but most of the solutions are for older VM versions, the queries mentioned in these topics have been optimized in later versions.

I am attaching the file with the debug information, highlighted bright-yellow the queries for one product. (I did not attach the complete file, it is too large - 115 pages!)

Anybody has any advice how to solve this?

EDIT: I succeeded to radically limit the # of queries by commenting out all what I don't need in the browse page. For example: I am working with  images saved in the size how I want to show them, so I do not need resizing, neither to query for non-URL images. I also eliminated the rating of the product on the browse page, and some more things. I saved me some 30% of queries and made the site load reasonable quickly (still more optimization to be done, like picture sizes, but I am on the right way)

What remains, however, is are the LEGACY queries which are sent (all queries sent once again, as if I have the legacy mode on. I used to have it, but not any more, and deleted the legacy module all the way.
At two places on the internet it was mentioned, that this was caused by the VM Product Snapshot module, and that uninstalling would solve it. But I do not have this module installed, as far as I know.

Any tips how to get rid of the legacy queries?



VM 1.1.9
Joomla 1.5.26

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Re: SQL Legacy Queries in VM 1.1.9
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2014, 07:07:04 am »
I need to optimize an old VM 1.1.9 Website for speed while company is building a new website. i know its been a long time, but maybe you still remember what have you done and how you succeeded.

Thanks in advance.