Author Topic: [PATCH] Standard payment: Add <br/> to payment_name only if payment_info present  (Read 922 times)


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Currently, the standard payment plugin unconditionally adds a <br/> between the renderPluginName and the payment_info, even if no payment_info is present:

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   $dbValues['payment_name'] = $this->renderPluginName ($method) . '<br />' . $method->payment_info;
This creates an ugly line break in my PDF invoices if no payment_info is present. In comparison, the shipment plugins don't add any info, and thus never append a <br/>

Attached is a patch (relative to current svn trunk) that adds the <br/> only conditional on the payment_info being present.


PS: It seems that the forum does not allow *.patch or *.diff files to be attached to postings on the development forum (?!?!?), so I'm renaming the patch to .txt.

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Ok , i have done it.