Author Topic: Reviews migration from Virtuemart 1 to Virtuemart 2 - solution  (Read 20692 times)


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Reviews migration from Virtuemart 1 to Virtuemart 2 - solution
« on: November 05, 2012, 21:49:47 PM »
Hello there!

After publishing Products additional images migration from Virtuemart 1 to Virtuemart 2, I would like to upload another migration plugin.
I'm talking now about reviews.
Use this plugin after VM 1 => VM 2 migration process, when your old VM 1 tables still exists into target, new database.


Use this url:


Installation is simple - use your Joomla installer, after that - publish the plugin.

Migration process:

1. Old Virtuemart 1 tables musts exists in your actual database! (especially #__vm_product_reviews table), with the same prefix, as your Virtuemart 2 database prefix.
2. Put this url into you browser address bar:  (don't forget /administrator/ !)
3. You will get this form:

4. Put "Start process" to begin reviews migration.
5. You will get this message on complete:

If you will get any error message - probably migrated review had some special characters in comment. That review comment will be non complete (spited to some word, which has that special character). You should copy-past manually that review from VM1 to VM2.

Regards, sorry for my poor English & have fun!  ;)

Łukasz Duda / Luke Duda


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Re: Reviews migration from Virtuemart 1 to Virtuemart 2 - solution
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2016, 06:15:23 AM »
Hello do you have an updated version of this and a way to migrate product reviews & ratings from VM1.5 to VM3?
I used a migrator plugin but for some reason it only migrated about half the reviews and also I had to manually adjust the product IDs to match
I also tried csvi but I don't see a field to export for reviews on the old joomla.
I have about 700 and been doing a few manually with phpmyadmin but it takes forever
Thank you


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Re: Reviews migration from Virtuemart 1 to Virtuemart 2 - solution
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2023, 16:02:30 PM »
Here are the solution.

Check the old Virtuemart 1 tables, especially the #__vm_product_reviews table, exist in the new database with the same prefix as the Virtuemart 2 database prefix.
Download the migration plugin from the provided URL:
Install the plugin using the Joomla installer and then publish the plugin. Then Access the migration process by entering the following URL in your browser's address bar: (replace with the actual URL of your Virtuemart 2 site and don't forget to include /administrator/).
now click on Start process
I hope it helps you.