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Borders in browse page
« on: October 14, 2012, 13:15:55 pm »
I am struggeling to make my browse page clean with borders. I have tried out some of the suggestion in other threads like this. but when i do the modifikation on the no borders PHP file it makes my page go blank. What am i missing here. VM 1.1.9 and Joomla 1.5.26.
According to the article i should change the php file like this.

What you have to do it choose "browse no tables"

Then modify


In order to make the site look correctly no matter how many products per row, I have a few if statements, and change the html for each one individually.

here is my code, you will have to adjust it to your template.
open browse_notables.tpl

change this line
      echo "<div style=\"margin-right: 5px; width:". intval(round(100/$cell_count)-2) ."%; float:left;\" id=\"".uniqid( "row_" ) ."\">";

to this


          if( $cell_count < 4 ) {
                      $cell_count = 4;

          if( $cell_count == 4 ) {
                            echo "<div style=\"margin: 2px;border:1px solid #b8b8b8; width:233px; float:left;\" id=\"".uniqid( "row_" ) ."\">";
                elseif( $cell_count == 5 ) {
                            echo "<div style=\"margin: 2px;border:1px solid #b8b8b8; width:185px; float:left;\" id=\"".uniqid( "row_" ) ."\">";
                elseif( $cell_count == 6 ) {
                            echo "<div style=\"margin: 2px;border:1px solid #b8b8b8; width:". intval(round(100/$cell_count)-1) ."%; float:left;\" id=\"".uniqid( "row_" ) ."\">";
                      else {
                            echo "<div style=\"margin: 2px;border:1px solid #b8b8b8; width:". intval(round(100/$cell_count)-1) ."%; float:left;\" id=\"".uniqid( "row_" ) ."\">";


Any ideas on what i am missing here??


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Re: Borders in browse page
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2012, 14:46:05 pm »
My suggestion is to keep the browse_notables.tpl.php simple you should not require any IF statements

Code: [Select]
<?php if( !defined'_VALID_MOS' ) && !defined'_JEXEC' ) ) die( 'Direct Access to '.basename(__FILE__).' is not allowed.' );
mm_showMyFileName(__FILE__); ?>

<?php echo $buttons_header // The PDF, Email and Print buttons ?>

<div class="details-catbar">
<div class="catbar-text">
<?php echo $browsepage_header // The heading, the category description ?>

<?php echo $parameter_form // The Parameter search form ?>
<div id="product_list">
=array(); // Holds the rows of products
$i $row $tmp_row 0// Counters
$num_products count$products );

$products as $product ) {

foreach( $product as $attr => $val ) {
// Using this we make all the variables available in the template
// translated example: $this->set( 'product_name', $product_name );
$this->set$attr$val );

// Parse the product template (usually 'browse_x') for each product
// and store it in our $data array 
echo $this->fetch_cache'browse/'.$templatefile .'.php' );


<br class="clr" />
echo $browsepage_footer;

//Re-enable this block if you wish to add the featured products and recent products block to the bottom of the page.
// Show Featured Products
//if( $this->get_cfg( 'showFeatured', 1 )) {
    /* featuredproducts(random, no_of_products,category_based) no_of_products 0 = all else numeric amount
    edit featuredproduct.tpl.php to edit layout */
//    echo $ps_product->featuredProducts(true,10,true);
//echo $recent_products;

Then modify the relevant browse files browseX.php

I encompass the browse templates in a related <div> e.g. <div class="browse3"> for 3 accross <div class="browse4"> for 4 column

Using CSS you can then set whatever widths you require:-

.browse3 {width:30%; min-height:nnnpx;}
.browse4 {width:22%; min-height:nnnpx;}

And you can also adjust any subordinate element for a specific browse div if required using CSS.
.browse3 .heading {xxx;}
.browse2 .heading {xxx;}

No need for harding coding widths just some simple CSS and very easy to adjust when testing designs out using firefox and firebug


Joomla 3.9.20
php 7.3