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Payment Methods
« on: October 10, 2012, 08:02:31 AM »
I am having major issues since my "techy" upgraded me to VM2 (using Joomla 1.5.25) he knows nothing about VirtueMart so I'm struggling.  Had no problems up until the upgrade.  I love so many things about the upgrade but I am having a major issue with payments.  I will probably sound really dense but my specialty is not computers so bear with me please!  First: is there a way to have customers select "invoice" or "purchase Order" as a payments option so that I may just send an invoice with the product?  I have entered that as a Payment Method but it doesn't show as an option on the page.  What am I missing??  (I did search the forum but unfortunately didn't find anything addressing this).  Also I would like & did have PayPal but my webpage does not take the customer to Paypal when purchasing it just stalls at the checkout point???  I'm obviously missing a code  but as far as I can tell I have a Paypal Plugin &  entered it as a payment method.  Desperately need some help!!!  Thanks in advance.  (my site is if anyone needs to see what I'm talking about)

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