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CATPRODUCT - many product, one page, one addtocart button

Catproduct custom-field plugin can be used to show child products on a parent product page in table with quantity on a side and one "Add to card" button.

You can sort products by different fields.  You can sort them by id, sku, name, weight, length, width, height and price.

You can attach other products to the table with child product. That means you can put one independent product to many parents. Simple put product ids in plug-in configuration and products will be shown in parent product layout. You can also set custom title for attached products like "Accessories".
Look example in DEMO.

Catproduct can handle several layouts. With the package 2 are included - default and with radio buttons.

Catproduct above version 3.0.0 shows products in a groups (parent is one group, children is another group, each attached group is another group), so you can also make a combined layout like this one.

Catproduct supports two level of children. That means you can have a T-Shirt parent, and then first level childrend as colors and second level as sizes.

As written above, Catproduct supports custom layouts. Some examples:

Custom layouts can be seen here .
We are adding new layouts to Candies download section of our page, and it's available for Full subscribers to download.

You can choose which field you want to show. This applies to both child products or attached products. You can set default values or set params for each product in product page.
Fileds avalible:
  • product image
  • product id
  • produck sku
  • product name
  • product short description
  • product weight
  • product sizes
  • product stock
  • product base price
  • product base price with tax
  • product discounted price
  • product discounted price with tax
  • tax amount
  • discount amount
  • sum of all that fields
  • total values of all that fileds

And lot of other fields you can choose in configuration.

Plugin works with child products or with attached products. It is not working with custom non-stockable attributes! It works on Joomla 2.5 or 3.x with VirtueMart 2.0, 2.6 and 3.0


Installation is the same as for any other plug-in. Install it with Extension Manager in Joomla and enable it in Plug-in Manager.

Then go to VirtueMart and configure plugin in Custom Fields page. Choose New and then at Custom Field Type choose Plug-ins. Type Title and at Select a plug-in choose VM - Custom - Catproduct. Here you can also config which field you want to show. You can choose to always use default configuration. Click Save.

Then go to parent product and go to Custom Fields tab. At Custom Fields Type choose plug-in which you created. If you hadn't chosen "Always use default" you can set visible fields here. Here you can also set if you want to attached some other products. You can type custom title for those products. Then you just type products ids. Click save and that's it.

More detailed information about installation and configuration can be found here.

For more information visit Catproducts page.

You can see new demo site  (J3 & V3.0)  with different settings here: DEMO

For support or further questions write to info [at] .


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helo, today I bought the plugin and it works perfectly.
The language file is modified in the 5 minutes that are necessary.
A single useful was important to customfield position adjustment plugin / ontop, onbot, normal /.

i have use it on two different site under joomla 2,5 and virtuemart 2 on and


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Updated first topic.

New features added:

- products sorting (you can choose by which field you want to sort products)
- new product fields - product image and product short description
- new layout - radio buttons



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Great extension.

Is it possible to do the following extensions to it ;) :
1) also have customfields in the view
2) the possibility to have a card-button in every list-row ?

Would be much appreciated ;)

Best regards,



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Yes, Great Extension but, Showing  The custom field and add to cart for each child product is really useful, and ability to turn off the qty box is a good feature.



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I bought the extension as well.  Having difficulty installing.  Asking the developer to help with the install via e-mail.  Awaiting his response.


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For posts above - I hoped you contacted us on our mail. We already added support for customfields and addtocart button can be added for each row. It depends of layout and it's very easy to do this modification.

Catproduct v.3.0.0 was released. It bring support for VM3 and lots of fixes and new features.
You can add parent (or main) product to table with children or attached, or you can add it from original addtocart area with Catproducts addtocart button.
Products are now showing in groups, which enables far better layouts.
Catproduct now supports 2 levels of children, for example T-Shirt size and colour.

We changed first post and added some images of Catproduct v3.0.0. Please check it out.


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New release of Catproduct -> 3.2.0

Catproduct can now display addtocart button for each product.
You can easily add whole category of products, topten, features, receant, random, related products, or products of selected manufacturer to the Catproducts table of products.
Also Catproduct displays non-variant (string, dates, integer etc.) customfields inside table so you can display really a lot of products data.

Simple example:


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Hello. you can have a product that when clicked, automatically adds all related to it? if I choose a product A and I wish that you are bound B C D E F ..... and that by clicking All are added to the shopping cart ....... thanks :-)