Author Topic: Import child-products with final price instead of sum up to the parent  (Read 1021 times)


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Hallo Virtuemart members,

I have a little problem with my child-products.
I use for child-products the plugin stockable variant.

This is the problem: Wenn I add by a special field a child-products, virtuemart adds this value + the value of the parent. So wenn I fill in 35,50 it becomes 71.

Normally you would think "What is the problem? You have solved it by enter to the parentproduct 0,00001". That is right, but I want that visitors can go to the categorie "Eenlijners". People see there 0,00 euro, that is ugly and misleading.

I use Joomla 2.5.7 and Virtuemart 2.0.12

Thanks for thinking with me. I hope someone knows a solution.  :)


Rob Koppenaal

Edit: I found this artikel, but i can't find any sense to it.