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Category Layout
« on: September 26, 2012, 00:04:32 am »
Hello everyone.
Thanks to the great support I have found a lot of answers about what i need, but still there is a new questions I wasn't able to answer by searching.
For example:
I'm doing new menu button and I'm making it : "VirtueMart >  Category Layout" with title "All Categories".
In required settings is Select a category, where I'm only able to select single category.
My questions is:
is there a way to make it show selected categories, because I need it to show 3 for example (not all of the categories or just one) so I can put different categories for different products in different menus. In Components > Virtuemart > Product Categories I can't make Main Category with some subcategories which is exactly what am I looking for.
Thanks in advice.