Author Topic: VP ProMart! Fully Responsive Joomla 2.5 Template for VirtueMart 2.0  (Read 22984 times)


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Re: VP ProMart! Fully Responsive Joomla 2.5 Template for VirtueMart 2.0
« Reply #15 on: November 30, 2012, 11:24:29 am »
Send to a friend or Email option can be seen when you Mouse Over the "Share" button in the product details page. is using an older version (Ver 1.0.2) of the Template.  This problem is already solved in the later versions. You can check site referred by jenkinhill: Install the template package that you have downloaded from our site on 17th Nov 2012 and you will not find that problem.

You do not need to buy another subscription. You can email us directly if you have more bugs.


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Ok I had enough of this childish behaviour, here it is in a simple nut shell:
« Reply #16 on: November 30, 2012, 11:46:50 am »
Ok I had enough of this childish behaviour, here it is in a simple nut shell:
First of all you have to ask yourself this question, I paid for the template why in the world would I post bad feedback if it was working? And that actually all it was a simple feedback and my experience with his template and service
“Full of bugs, and the one month subscription wont cut it, as still didnt solve the problems in the template Basically waste of time and money, If I knew then what I know now I wouldnt go near it.”
Then all the drama started as he doesn’t want anyone to see this feedback, guess bad for business, went from total denial to childish name calling (shows you how professional he is).
Post all the problems and bugs in HIS forum every time I got “oh not possible” please update.
Here is now a FULL review of the template:
Let’s start with the quick view that is mentioned as the cherry on top for the template:
It doesn’t work, in simple words. I mean it work as a general thing BUT, and that is a big BUT
•   If you don’t have any introduction text everything is messed (he doesn’t mention that not even one as requirement). You can see this here
•   You cant use the default VM images for shipping (again no where there is mention of that).
•   If you have a few options (like size colour and so on) and more than 3 lines of intro text (which as said required) then you get a messed up display. And thats why it is disabled (the quick view) in this web site that he is advertising
Other Issues
•   Now lets look at the default Joomla functions, for some reason the Joomla blog display always displays a single line to the left leaving a gap to the right, not sure why. prob a css issue.
•   Send to a friend function, HAS NO style at all, plus it always open the print function every time you hit send (it does that for the PDF too).
•   Print function has no css whatsoever, looks really stupid.
•   Position ontop dosnt work, Period!
This is the only few that I brought to the developers attention on the first day, hasn’t been solved or advise on what might be causing the issue (if there is any).
The developer made this template with his understanding of how a shop should have and shouldn’t have, didn’t give a thought on multi users needs, and I think that is the biggest problem, plus he is always in denial with “ this not possible”  seems like he thinks we are making things up.
This was simple, bought template, didn’t work, gave up on it, and posted feedback. If you don’t like TRUE bad feedbacks, then I guess you should shape up, fix the problems, I paid for one month support, didn’t get anywhere do you honestly think I would renew?  You can get more “people” to post positive feedback for your template, for me this would simply be untrue. This template have bugs and issues and ignoring them wont help anyone.
You had your chance to resolve the issues for 30 days and nothing, now you are acting all innocent and offering to fix them, WHY DIDNT YOU FIX THEM ON YOUR FORUM?
This is my full review and opinion on this Template.
Cheers and Marry Xmas