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Payment Extra Info
« on: July 07, 2005, 10:57:52 am »

I have work on a popup windows solution for the Dankort / PBS to eliminate the SSL problems.

In ps_pbs.php I add som informations to the gateway
Code: [Select]
            case 6:
                form.payment_extrainfo.value = '<'+'?php\n'
                        +'// This is the Session ID\n'
                        +'// It contains the Order ID, the mambo-phpShop Session ID, Mambo\'s SessionCookie and an md5 HASH CheckCode\n'
                        +'$sessionid = sprintf("%08d", $order_id). $_COOKIE[\'phpshop\'].md5($_COOKIE[\'sessioncookie\'].$_SERVER[\'REMOTE_ADDR\']);\n'
                        +'$sessionid .= md5( $sessionid . $mosConfig_secret . ENCODE_KEY);\n'
                        +'$sessionid = base64_encode( $sessionid );\n'
+'require_once(CLASSPATH ."payment/ps_pbs.cfg.php");\n'
                        +'<center><a href="<? echo"$url"; ?>/popup.php?orderid=<?php echo $order_id ?>&amount=<?php echo round($db->f("order_total")*100?>&currency=<?php echo $currency_iso_4217 ?>&sessionid=<? echo"$sessionid"; ?>&merchantnumber=<?php echo PBS_MERCHANT_ID ?>&PBS_SHOP_ID=<? echo PBS_SHOP_ID ?>&mosConfig_live_site=<? echo $mosConfig_live_site ?>" target="popup" onclick=""","popup", "width=300,height=400,left=0,top=0,resizable=1,toolbar=0,location=0" )"><img src=""><br>Betal med Dankort</a></center>'

But when I login to phpshop and edit the pbs /dankort I only see:
Code: [Select]
// This is the Session ID
// It contains the Order ID, the mambo-phpShop Session ID, Mambo's SessionCookie and an md5 HASH CheckCode
$sessionid sprintf("%08d"$order_id). $_COOKIE['phpshop'].md5($_COOKIE['sessioncookie'].$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);
$sessionid .= md5$sessionid $mosConfig_secret ENCODE_KEY);
$sessionid base64_encode$sessionid );
CLASSPATH ."payment/ps_pbs.cfg.php");

<center><a href="" target="popup" onclick=""","popup", "width=300,height=400,left=0,top=0,resizable=1,toolbar=0,location=0" )"><img src=""><br>Betal med Dankort</a></center>

Why are the <? echo"$url"; ?> <?php echo $order_id ?> values not showen?

If I past <? echo"$url"; ?> in the Payment Extra Info in phpshop then are it working when I try to pay. Some ideas how to get it work?


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Re: Payment Extra Info
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2005, 11:42:54 am »
I have found the error, i must uses it this way: <'+'?php echo"$url"; ?>