Author Topic: #404 Component not found error on new install of VM1.2 with Joomla 2.5.6  (Read 3425 times)


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I'm trying to get Virtuemart working with Joomla. I've created a fresh install of Joomla 2.5.6 and installed all the VM v1.2 modules (we need the fedex shipping module which isn't available for VM 2 yet). The install seemed to go well with no errors. I created a menu item of type Virtuemart 1.2 called "Store". Clicking the store menu gets me to the product listing and I can add a product to the cart with no problem. However, once I'm in the cart, if I click the submit button on the coupon feature (with or without a valid coupon code) I'm presented with the dreaded "#404 Component not found" error.

I've verified that the coupon module is installed. I've verified that the .htaccess file is correctly named and working. I've googled and found lots of other people who get this error under one condition or another but I've not found anything that will help me debug it or fix it. Turning on Joomla's debug mode I get this output when I click the coupon submit button:

Call stack
#    Function    Location
1    JSite->dispatch()    /var/www/
2    JComponentHelper::renderComponent()    /var/www/
3    JError::raiseError()    /var/www/
4    JError::raise()    /var/www/

This suggests to me that Joomla is not able to find the coupon component for some reason but I'm baffled as to why. Can anyone offer advice on how to debug and fix this problem?


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We do not provide support for VM1.2 - it is provided by the developer, links in

Fedex for VM2 is about to be released:

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