Author Topic: multi-language site, link to wrong shopping-cart page  (Read 9065 times)


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Re: multi-language site, link to wrong shopping-cart page
« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2013, 10:32:50 am »
Make template clones per language, that is how it works for us.

We have a copy of the template in every language, in the template menu assignments you just choose your menu's assigned in the same language. That way in the english version you will just see the english cart which is assigned to your template copy in english.

That is the way templates go: one of them for each language, plus the default for 'all'. As per previous messages, the site responds to all and every click, except for those few links that make up the problem...

Why a default for all? our default is in spanish which is our main language. By menu items, template and menu assignments pages shows elements from a concrete language so theres no way it should be redirected to a different language if you have set it all up correctly but with a default template for all languages you could cause this error.

Also make sure in the template menu assignments the italian template has the cart menu item for italian assign to it, same for the english template copy.