Author Topic: HELP! User account info not saving and help with searching products by price.  (Read 1491 times)


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Hi there! I have this huge problem! Joomla 2.5 - VM 2.0.6. When a user register they do it without address info. when they go to their account and add the address info and then click save, this info is not saved! It doesnt say anything, you logout and when you come back, no info. Also I cant see any info on the vm backend.

Can someone help me ? =(
I am supposed to finish this web now and that issue is driving me crazy!

Also, for those who need this, I found a simple way to offer your clients to search products by price. Its not advance search, but a tiny little cheat.
You enter "$" on search on your site. When all products are displayed you order them by price. After that you take the url of those results and make a new menu item with that url. Simple! You name it for example: products by price and when someone click on that link they see a results page with all the products on your site ordered by price.
I even tried adding products and deleting products and the changes are always reflected. =)

Thank you guys!!!